How The Superdiet Works

The science  …

It is commonly accepted by scientists and researchers alike that fat loss is only possible when your body is using more calories than you are taking in over a period of time.

That said, there are three commonly accepted ways to burn more calories than you take in:

  1. You can reduce the amount you consume (through healthy eating alone)
  2. You can increase the amount you burn (through physical activity alone)
  3. You can combine both number one and number two (a blend of diet and exercise)

Researchers agree that getting to a healthy weight (losing fat) and then maintaining that weight loss is both easier and more effective when you utilize the third option—a combination of diet and exercise. 1

However, in today’s world we are often in a state of “information overload”. Because there are thousands of diet books, blogs and articles published every year—it’s hard to know what will work for you.

How Can The Superdiet Help?

The Superdiet System is a “lifestyle” approach to your personal health which combines the latest in cutting-edge scientific information on exercise and dieting into a plan most anyone can follow long-term.

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