Frequently Asked Questions About The Superdiet System

Q: What exactly is in this system? The Superdiet System is one of the most complete guides to fat loss and healthy living you’ll ever see. It covers the most important elements of healthy living and fat loss 1.) mindset 2.) nutrition 3.) exercise and 4.) personalizing the program so it works with your lifestyle. A large part of the system focuses on making better food choices and working “with” your body instead of against it because this is the hardest part for almost everyone when it comes to burning fat … and … your diet is 90% responsible for your success. That being said, the Superdiet System is not a “meal plan” or “recipe” book — it is meant to teach you HOW to think about what you eat, so you make better food and lifestyle choices automatically.

Q: How quickly can I lose weight on your program? Nobody can promise you a specific amount of weight or fat loss with their program. Additionally, the Superdiet System is designed to be a “lifestyle system” which means it will give you the information you need to reach your ideal weight safely, naturally, and maintain that weight. As with any program, your own motivation, desire, and determination will determine how quickly you reach your weight loss goals. That being said: the system will show you a proven way you can possibly lose 1-2lbs per week, consistently, until you reach your weight loss goals and by then you will learn how to maintain that weight while still living a great lifestyle.

Q: Am I too old for this program? Absolutely Not! We have satisfied customers 79 years “young”! In fact, we’ve gone through great lengths to make the program progressive enough that you can start with whatever leve of fitness you are currently at and progress towards your goals in a safe, consistent manner.

Q: I’m not an athlete – will your program still work for me? Yes. Although I am a lifetime, drug-free athlete, this program works for the “average person”. It was designed to allow you to start wherever you are, and progress in a systematic manner to reach your personal goals — not mine.

Q: Will the program work for women? Yes. In fact, nearly half of our current customers are women. One of the biggest mistakes women make when it comes to weight loss is thinking that they need a special program to get great results. While there are “some” special considerations (which are covered in the Superdiet System) this is generally just marketing hype because a science based nutrition and exercise program will work for all types of people.

Q: Is this a low carb, low fat, or low calorie diet? The Superdiet System is designed to help you make better food choices that are more in-touch with your “natural” diet — the diet our ancestors ate (taken from research). Specific macronutrients (carbs, fat, protein) are manipulated daily depending on how your body best responds and needs these important macronutrients.

Q: Do I have to join a gym or buy any equipment? No! There are two different exercise programs in the book, one for exercising at home without weights (using your bodyweight for resistance) and one for people who like going to the gym and using weights (weight training).

Q: I can’t eat wheat or any products with gluten. Can I still follow the program? Yes, in fact the unique types of foods that we commonly recommend do not contain gluten or wheat.

Q: I’m lactose intolerant. Can I still do this program? Absolutely. Again, the Superdiet System is designed to be flexible enough to work around any dietary considerations you may have. It’s not an “all or nothing” program and most anyone can make it work for their lifestyle.

Q: Are supplements necessary to make this program work? No. Supplements are designed to “supplement” an already healthy diet and exercise program and while some nutrients may be beneficial to take to fill in any nutritional “gaps” (such as a good multi-vitamin) they are not necessary with this system.

Q: Will this program work for vegetarians? Most vegetarians will have to modify the program to still get the recommended nutrients required for a healthy diet — however we’ve found most vegetarians are quite knowledgable about food combinations to get complete nutrition and find much of the information in the system to be valuable.

Q: Do I have to buy expensive “health” foods? No. Eating healthy does not have to cost a fortune and while it’s an unfortunate fact that the most “natural” foods in our diets are often more expensive, all the foods we recommend can be found at any grocery store.

Q: Can I buy this system in stores? This system is a combination of downloadable books in Adobe Acrobat PDF format (which can be read on any MAC, PC or electronic reader device compatible with PDF formats) … along with … videos. Because it’s such a robust, complete program it can’t be found in any stores.

Q: What is the price of your system? The current introductory offer is $47.

Q: How secure is your website? We use a McAfee Secured and Verisign Trusted SSL secured checkout page provided by the world’s largest retailer of downloadable digital products online. Because your payment information is never seen by a live person, many of our customers feel it’s more secure than using your credit card at most public establishments (like a restaurant for instance, where your card number is seen by multiple employees each time it is used).

Q: What’s the fastest way to order the program? The fastest way to get the Superdiet System in your posession is to order on this website using the secure payment service provided.