1 tbsp of this saturated fat SHRINKS your belly fast?

mystery-foodIf you think all saturated fats are bad for you – think again!

In fact, just adding a little bit of the saturated fat I’m about to show you to your diet each day (maybe as little as ONE tablespoon!) could help reduce your whole body inflammation …

… Which in turn, may be just what you need to get rid of stubborn stomach fat.

What makes this saturated fat so healthy?

This “saturated fat superfood” contains a unique ingredient called Butyrate. Butyrate is a short-chained saturated fat and is naturally anti-inflammatory.

Why are anti-inflammatory foods so important? It’s because more and more research shows links between abdominal fat and the chronic inflammation that leads to heart disease, diabetes and a host of other ailments.

So by reducing your whole-body levels of chronic inflammation you are not only helping your heart, you’re also helping fight against a ton of diseases … and if you’re eating a sensible diet … it might be the extra “push” you need to eliminate that stubborn belly flab that just won’t seem to budge!

What is this saturated fat superfood?

The answer is BUTTER. Now, you may already know that I think you should eat more butter and I cover all the other health benefits of this delicious fat in that other article but it’s the Butyrate connection I want to explain here.

Butyrate has been studied pretty extensively, but I’ve only found research with mice so far, but the research is very promising! Here’s just a few highlights of the benefits in mice studies:

  • helps fight neuro-degenerative diseases
  • helps aid gut health and fight intestinal permeability
  • Improves insulin sensitivity

And those are just a few that I found with a quick Google search. I’m confident, considering all the other health benefits of butter for human beings, that if these mice studies are ever repeated on us humans — the same findings will be found.

How much should you eat to get the benefits?

That depends on how much room you have in your diet for extra calories … and … how much you may already be eating now.

Remember: even though butter is healthy, it’s still fat, and fat is still calorie-dense — so if you’re eating a whole stick a day in addition to your regular food — you’re probably eating too many calories to get or stay lean!

For myself, I do all my high heat cooking with butter and I also use it to garnish vegetables like broccoli, and put it on potatoes if I eat them. If its been a long time since you’ve eaten a lot of butter you may be better off just adding a tbsp here and there and seeing how your body does, being careful to let your stomach adjust to the increased fat intake.


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7 comments on “1 tbsp of this saturated fat SHRINKS your belly fast?
  1. Avis says:

    I switched years ago to butter from margarine and since my cholesterol is high I kept close track of it and my BP. Not surprising, my use of butter left everything about where it was. So, I am all for butter and I found where I can get the Kerry Gold butter here and it is at Sprouts if any want to check it out.

  2. Cheri Bartlett says:

    Send me information about Kerry Gold Butter.

    Cheri Bartlett

  3. MGO says:

    Kerry Gold comes from Ireland. Cows in Ireland are grass-fed, so other dairy products from there and other countries (Canada, Europe, etc.) that do NOT allow hormones/antibiotics are the way to go. Also should be available at Costco and other stores. Grass-fed also infinitely better for B vitamins, etc.

  4. Gemma says:

    Even here in South Africa we have Kerry Gold!! :D wonderfull stuff *-*

  5. Rick says:

    It’s great to find someone praiseing not maligning good old butter, we always used to use dairy products, but so many are now tainted by antibiotics and processing. I wish I could get milk like it used to be but it all seems to be homogenised with all the problems that creates.

  6. Bill Hubert says:

    This is going to be very useful for me thank you very much for posting

  7. Is saturated fat good for you or is it bad for your health? There are good examples of food with healthy saturated fat that will help you in losing weight.

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